From its inception in 2021 by Nitin Gambhir and Elena Ulansky, Tethys Art has aimed to showcase groundbreaking works that bring together artists, art lovers, collectors, and curators alike. However, we are more than just a gallery. Tethys Art is a place to showcase treasures of art history, introduce new perspectives, facilitate discussions on controversial topics, and shine a light on art that could have a long-lasting impact.

Collectors today are faced with the challenge of filtering through a plethora of contemporary art in a rather oversaturated market. As an extensive art collector himself, Gambhir, knows firsthand the issues collectors are facing when navigating the art world. Tethys Art aims to guide new and established collectors in building and enlarging high quality art collections through a strong selection of artists and artworks. We exhibit contemporary art that has aesthetical and conceptual strength, and artists who have strong support from the New York and global art community. Through exhibiting a diverse selection of both established and emerging artists, we want to engage with our clients to create new connections to help you broaden your perspectives. We have already featured prominent artists such as Keith Haring, Fawn Rogers, Richard Prince, Jonas Wood, Zohore Monsieur, Heather Day, Cindy Sherman, Barbara Kruger and Leah Schrager.

Tethys wants to bring the quality of the New York art world to prime locations worldwide throughout the year. We will work together with our clients to create new synergies, stimulate constructive dialogues, and exchange modern ideas. As our program evolves, we aim to have shows featured in Aspen in the winter season, Cannes and Venice film festivals, Miami Art Week, and the south of France in the summer.