Tethys Art Launches in Southampton

Tethys Art is proud to launch its first edition of curated exhibitions and events in a scenic location at 71 Hill Street in Southampton, New York.

With the aim of showcasing groundbreaking art and bringing together artists, art lovers, collectors, and curators, Tethys Art has been founded to bring the quality of the New York art world to prime locations worldwide throughout the year.

A selected board of curators and international galleries will work together to stimulate constructive dialogues and exchange new ideas.

The first summer edition of Tethys Art will launch on Memorial Day 2021, and will run through Labor Day 2021, celebrating the summer season and the full potential of the enthusiastic art scene in the Hamptons.


Location: 71 Hill St, Southampton, NY 11968


IMPACTFUL ART. Our innovative platform brings together a selection of curated artists who are making a significant impact on the art world with a group of passionate and discerning art collectors and professionals.

For the Summer 2021 season, we are opening our debut presentation of exhibitions at a prime location in Southampton, New York, an ideal place to showcase exciting new art projects and engage with the Hamptons’ community. The space will create a great opportunity for artists and galleries to broaden their audience and visibility. 

DYNAMIC EXHIBITIONS. We will present dynamic 3-week long exhibitions, each of which will have a strong curatorial theme and explore topics that are relevant in today’s world.

The space will furthermore be activated by art openings, weekly cocktails, and art talks. Each week a new set of art professionals and enthusiasts will be invited to discuss the theme of the exhibition in order to inspire engaging dialogues around art and other relevant topics.

We will bring together an extensive network of art collectors, art advisors, and art critics who will engage with the local community. Tethys Art will be working with high-profile local and international press and media to further the reach of the exhibitions and support the artists and its gallery partners.

FOR COLLECTORS FROM COLLECTORS. We are creating a unique environment that will be festive and dynamic, but will also take into account the high quality of art to be showcased, thus presenting an amazing experience for our art collectors.

Collectors today are faced with the challenge of filtering through a plethora of contemporary art in an oversaturated market. As an extensive art collector himself, Nitin Gambhir, one of the founders of Tethys Art, knows firsthand the issues collectors are facing when navigating the art world.

Tethys Art aims to guide new and established collectors in building and enlarging high-quality art collections through a strong selection of artists and artworks. We will exhibit contemporary art that has aesthetic and conceptual strength, and artists who have strong support from the New York and global art community. Through exhibiting a diverse selection of both established and emerging artists, we will engage a variety of collectors, and create new connections to help collectors broaden their perspective.

A BROADER VISION. We have put together a group of experienced art professionals along with PR and media teams to create a platform that can grow in visibility and establish itself as a leading name in the art world in the near future.

Tethys Art aims to constantly cultivate its network and community, with the plan to curate international exhibitions and events in a variety of strategic locations worldwide, giving our partners and artists a global presence.

Moving forward, we aim to be present at relevant art events, including art fairs and biennials, at strategic times throughout the season. Future editions of Tethys Art will be featured at high-end international locations such as Aspen in the winter season, Cannes and Venice film festivals, Miami Art Week, The Hamptons, as well as South of France in the summer.

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