Post-Event Media Alert - Tethys Art Presents a Compelling Exhibition of Emerging Artists

P    O    S    T       -       E    V    E    N    T
M    E    D    I    A               A    L    E    R    T

Tethys Art Presents a Compelling

Exhibition of Emerging Artists

Nitin Gambhir and Elena Ulansky in front of Josh Smith, Untitled, 2013 (photo credit Chloe Gifkins)

Tethys Art, the international and innovative new discovery platform for art has opened its second exhibition at its
gallery at 71 Hill Street in Southampton, New York. The group exhibition features emerging talents and more established
artists including Jonas Wood, Joel Mesler, Josh Smith, Sydney Vernon, Gabriela Cohen, Monsieur Zohore, Heather
Day and Jessica Lichtenstein.
Since its inaugural exhibition in June 2021 “From Keith Haring to the Screen Generation”, which featured artwork
by Keith Haring, Richard Prince, Pieter Schoolwerth, Fawn Rogers, Pearlyn Lii, and Elise Swopes, Tethys Art has
initiated a fresh perspective on understanding, appreciating, and collecting art, focusing on the interplay of genres and
social influences to re-contextualize traditional constructs.   
The latest installation from the East End’s newest art house, presents artists from recent MFA graduates to those with
an institutional presence, in different stages of their careers. Juxtaposing established artists who have achieved
recognition relatively quickly with emerging talents whose potential is compelling, this exhibition explores the evolution
of an artist’s practice, and aims to help collectors recognize these talents earlier in their trajectory. 
Tethys Art Co-Founder, Elena Ulansky, an artist, and collector herself, comments that “although collectors are all
different, I believe there is an underlying desire on all their parts, to discover new artists and connect more deeply with
the work they already collect, as well as make intelligent investments.” Grounded in this curatorial vision of quality and
experimentation, Tethys Art aims to educate, making art accessible to new collectors while challenging more mature
collectors to re-think the status quo and instigate culturally and socially relevant dialogues.
For more information on “The Stars of Tomorrow” please visit or call (631) 259-2635.

For hi-res images, visit:

About Tethys Art:

From its inception in 2021 by Nitin Gambhir and Elena Ulansky, Tethys Art aims to showcase groundbreaking art that brings together artists, art lovers, collectors, and curators alike. Meant to be more than just a gallery, it is instead a place to showcase art history, new perspectives, and facilitate discussions on controversial topics, as well as a way to shine a light on art that could have a long-lasting impact.

Already featured in June 2021 during the inaugural exhibition were prominent artists including Keith Haring, Fawn Rogers, and Richard Prince. As Tethys’ program evolves, they aim to have exhibitions at international locations such as Aspen in the winter season, Cannes and Venice film festivals, Miami Art Week, and the south of France in the summer.

Stars of Tomorrow Exhibition (photo credit Chloe Gifkins)

Joel Mesler, Untitled, 2020

Atmosphere (photo credit Chloe Gifkins)

Jonas Wood, DJ, 2009

Dayana Beseinova (photo credit Chloe Gifkins) 

Jonas Wood, DJ, 2009

Atmosphere (photo credit Chloe Gifkins)

Cristina Shamrock in front of Jessica Lichtenstein, Water Lilies, 2021 (photo credit Chloe Gifkins)

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